There is a HUGE amount of buzz around social networks and the potential for use.  Today, I present NING a tool that allows you to create your very own social network.  Within your new network users can post blogs, pictures, and messages on forums.  You can also make your social network private or allow outsiders to join.  How can this be used?  Huge organizations have paid BIG bucks to create enterprise social networks.  Communicate with employees in a better (and more fun) way.  Create a family social network and connect with people all over the globe.


FREE Publicity

November 18, 2008

Normally, businesses will hire a publicist to get exposure on news outlets.  This type of exposure is priceless but definitely not free.  In fact, there is probably a direct correlation between how much you pay and the quality of exposure you get.  When you pay a publicist you are getting skills but most importantly, you are getting contacts.  Let’s face it.  For the most part you’ve developed your own pitch.  You know you’re value add, your key differentiator, your story.  The fact of the matter is that when you invest in a good publicist you are often times paying for contacts.  The best publicists are well-connect.  Peter Shankman is a very well-connected publicist.  But instead of charging the world an arm and a leg for matching journalists with subject matter experts, Peter, in all of his PR glory, has set up Help a Reporter Out.  Sign up for HARO and receive 3 square emails a day from journalists looking for subject matter experts to quote on varying topics.  Pitch your business and how it relates to their story and PRESTO!  You are now your own well-connected publicist!